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  • The Greener Gas Station of the Future

    green-gas-stationScientists are seeking ways to prevent the emission of carbon into the atmosphere from the carbon reserves leached into the ground at gas stations.

    There are two approaches under consideration.  The first would fill gas pumps with carbon-negative biofuels.  The emissions would be captured and sequestered underground, with net negative ...

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  • DOE Says Hydro Ready for Comeback

    hydro-damEnergy producers and environmentalists, previously on opposing sides, are taking another look at hydropower as a viable renewable energy.

    A new market report from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) puts hydropower as producing 7 percent of the country’s electricity, with the ability to provide much more.  To date, there ...

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  • U.S. Ranking Well in Global Energy Index

    The good news is that a new report puts the U.S. among the top countries in clean tech investments and patents, plus renewable energy generation and electric vehicle (EV) use.

    According to Next 10’s “Green Innovation Index, International Edition,” America is first in clean tech, followed by the European Union.  ...

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  • Minnesota Approves Reduced-Rate EV Charging Hours

    ev-chargingThe Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has requested reduced rates for off-peak electric vehicle (EV) charging.

    The rates, once enacted by the state’s three utilities, could reduce the cost of charging an EV by 40 percent during nighttime hours.  The PUC estimates there are 3,000 EV owners throughout the state.

    One ...

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  • New York Funding Energy-Storage Projects

    Energy storage is a big part of the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision, so the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will fund seven energy-storage projects.

    Technologies range from advanced batteries and fuel cells to ultracapacitors and control modules for consumption.  Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is ...

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