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  • Cell Towers Are Going Green

    We all want cell service no matter where we are.  To get it, myriad towers and hot spots must be built across the land and powered by energy.

    Panasonic Eco Solutions, in partnership with PowerOasis, is designing a lithium-ion battery technology called Green Tower.  By combining the batteries with solar ...

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  • Supersizing electric vehicles

    Supersizing Electric VehiclesWhile most electric vehicles (EVs) on the road are small – think the Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S – several new players want to go big in the future.

    Proterra, an electric bus manufacturer, has unveiled the 40-foot Catalyst transit bus capable of transporting 77 passengers.  The zero-emission Catalyst ...

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  • Will jet fuel from plants take off?

    Jet FuelRed Rock Biofuels of Colorado is developing renewable fuels from forests and sawmills.

    The first refinery, to be built in Oregon in part with $70 million in federal grants, will turn tree waste into renewable jet fuel, diesel, and naptha.  Red Rock predicts the plant could produce about 15 million ...

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  • Keeping solar panels spotless

    How do you clean solar panels?

    An Israeli robotics startup has one answer.  Eccopia uses robots designed for arid climates, so they don’t need water to keep dust and other particles off arrays.  Dirt can actually decrease panel productivity by up to 35%, according to Eccopia estimates.  The cleaning schedule ...

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  • Texas town going 100% green

    Texs going 100% GreenThe West Texas city of Georgetown just struck a deal with global solar energy company SunEdison to be powered 100% by solar plants by 2016.

    The project will provide 150 MW of solar power each year through 2041, which could power more than 24,000 homes a year for 25 years.  Georgetown ...

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