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  • Harnessing cow power

    Harnessing Cow PowerFarms are harnessing cow manure in a new way.

    While still popular as a fertilizer, Blue Spruce Farm in Bridport, VT, is dumping manure into a giant digester that collects the methane built up during storage.  The gas is then moved into a 600-kilowatt generator where it is burned for ...

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  • Big government sets net-zero energy goals

    A task force created by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) believes that 50 percent of the federal government’s buildings can achieve net-zero energy status by 2030, producing as much energy through renewables as they annually consume.

    The GSA Green Building Advisory Committee task force issued a recommendation that the ...

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  • Storage technology aims to lower solar cost

    A solar energy storage company is looking for ways to reduce the cost of storing power generated by solar panels.
    Developer BioSolar is looking at storage systems capable of quickly handling as much energy as possible.  Solar energy is only available during the day and during good weather.  To become ...

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  • Consumers could save $78B with DOE energy efficiency goals

    The Department of Energy has finalized its 10 energy efficiency standards, and this is a great thing for consumers.

    Together, the 10 could reduce emissions by more than 435 metric tons and save Americans about $78 billion on electricity bills through 2030.

    One of the final standards, finished at the ...

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  • New Mexico’s renewable tax credit a big hit

    The state’s Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit is so popular that credits for solar projects have been claimed until 2022.

    In 2014, total renewable energy generation topped 1 million kWh.  Since the program’s inception, 21 projects have added 232 MW of solar capacity and 10 projects have added 794 MW ...

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