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  • Man-made ‘leaves’ mimic photosynthesis

    Researchers have created leaves that harvest light much like plants do, enabling them to harness energy from the sun.

    The team from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc. followed the two-step process of photosynthesis in which plants absorb photons from sunlight and then use them ...

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  • Workplace EV charging access doubles: DOE

    EV Charging StationsThe EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge is paying off.

    A joint initiative of the Department of Energy and private industry, the Challenge aims to create a substantial increase in the number of companies offering workplace charging options.  A survey in August showed that more than 600,000 employees of Challenge partners ...

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  • New battery may bring power to remote locations

    A company created by Carnegie Mellon University has created a sodium ion battery that stores energy from solar and wind power.

    Aquion Energy’s battery has a longer life than conventional batteries, meaning that it is more cost effective.  The first batteries were delivered to microgrid operators, with the intent that ...

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  • Air Force going green on the ground

    The Air Force is turning some attention from the sky to the ground, deploying 36 electric vehicles (EVs) at Los Angeles Air Force Base.

    The 36 vehicles are the Department of Defense’s first non-tactical plug-in fleet and have the ability to take power from the grid and also supply more ...

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  • From landfill to solar array

    The recent construction of a solar array on a decommissioned landfill in Rockland County is the first of its kind for New York State.

    The 2.36 MW solar project should generate more than 2.8 million kWh and offset more than 2,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.  The  ...

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