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  • America: The great exporter of wood pellets

    Wood PelletsYou probably didn’t know that we are a huge exporter of wood pellets.  You know, that wood stove fuel made from waste like sawdust, shavings and chips.

    While primarily used here in the U.S. as a residential heating fuel, wood pellets are also being exported to Europe as a source ...

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  • The fight to keep our coffee cups brimming

    Cup of JoeAnother potential victim of climate change: your morning cup of Joe.

    Coffee plants are prima donnas: they only like temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees and rainfall of 40 to 60 inches a year.  Thanks to warmer tempaeratures and deforestation in many countries that grow the plants, a few major ...

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  • New products across the smart grid

    Smart GridInterested in smart-grid-enabled mobile thermostat apps?  How about real-time water supply and distribution intelligence?  Or maybe cloud-data solutions for energy are up your alley?  The technology in this space is rapidly expanding, with new announcements weekly from innovators in grid hardware and software,

    38 Zeros, a hardware/software startup, is offering ...

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  • Solar company vows storage to match natural gas base load

    Solar Power TowerAbengoa Solar SA, a Spanish solar energy researcher, claims that solar power tower technology with molten salt storage will match base load combined cycle natural gas-fired generation by 2020,and with comparable price and flexibility and without emissions.

    Among Abengoa’s projects are the 206MW Mount Signal solar plant in California, the ...

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  • NASCAR Nation out in front with green agenda

    Nascars Green AgendaThanks to its ranking as America’s favorite pastime sport, NASCAR has a huge audience on which to promote its platform.

    One of the planks in that platform is NASCAR Green, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing’s environmental outreach program.  Recent commitments include the LEED-certified garage outside of Charlotte, ...

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