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  • Let’s just get along: renewables and natural gas

    Renewables and Natural GasAccording to a report by the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, it is possible for renewable energy to be used profitably with natural gas-fired generation, such as joint transmission corridors and residential smart hybrid energy systems.

    This marriage needs to create business models that capitalize on new revenue ...

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  • Navy developing space-based solar tech

    Navy developing space-based solar techThe Defense Department is seeking ways to use more renewable fuels in an effort to increase its energy security.  In a storyline straight out of “Star Trek,” the DoD, the world's top oil user, is developing technology to beam solar power back down to earth.

    Instead of keeping with the ...

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  • Blowin’ in the Texas wind

    Texas Wind TurbinesTexas set a new record this spring for wind generation.
    According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), wind generation reached 10,296 MW on March 26, accounting for nearly 29 percent of the electricity on ERCOT’s grid at the time.  That output was enough to power more than five ...

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  • $15M to help double nation’s renewable energy generation

    SunThe Obama Administration wants to double up on renewables.

    The President announced Solar Market Pathways, a $15 million funding opportunity through the Department of Energy for state, local and tribal governments and authorized nonprofits to expand renewables production.  Over the next five to ten years, Pathways will provide awards ranging ...

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