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  • U.S. Cars on Target to Reach Fuel Economy Goals

    According to a report recently released by the EPA, cars sold in the U.S. are, on average, more fuel-efficient than they have ever been.  The ultimate goal is for cars sold to meet a 54.5 miles per gallon standard by 2025.  The report shows cars sold in 2012 averaged 23.6 ...

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  • 'Disaster' Transformed into Boon for the Environment

    One of the world’s largest landfill sites, located on Staten Island, will be converted into a new solar power plant for New York City.  Covering 47 acres, it is five times larger than any other solar facility in the city and will provide enough power to supply about 2,000 homes. ...

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  • Should Solar Panels Face West for Better Performance?

    According to a new study conducted in Austin, Texas by Pecan Street Research, solar panels may gain some benefit from facing west rather than south.  The analysis of 50 homes showed that west-facing roof-top panels produced 49 percent more electricity during times of peak demand compared to south-facing panels. ...

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  • Nation's First Net-Zero Energy Retail Store

    A new Walgreens store in Evanston, Illinois plans to achieve net zero energy by using a combination of technologies.  If factors such as weather and store operations cooperate, the store will produce more energy than it uses.  Get the details on how it will work.


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  • "Holy Grail" of Renewable Energy

    Cheap, large-scale energy storage … batteries, in other words, or battery-like technology … is what is needed to maximize the efficiency of solar and wind power. Finding this "holy grail" of renewable power is important because it solves the problem of wind and solar power's inability to produce power continuously. ...

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