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Archive: 2010, 2009, 2008 News Releases



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Permitting Gensets for Demand Response

Permitting Gensets for Demand Response
In this paper, we will discuss air quality regulations at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as present a hypothetical case study on the permitting process for standby Gensets intended to be enrolled in DR programs in New York City....

Why Ice Rinks are Warming up to Solar
Ice rinks are notoriously energy-hungry enterprises. The International Ice Hockey Federation reports that a typical rink operator devotes more than 25% of its operating budget to electricity bills...

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power
In this paper, learn about your next CHP project...

Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy Solutions

Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy Solutions
Businesses face a number of obstacles in their quest to reduce and manage energy costs...

Increase the Value of Demand Response Through Automation

Increase the Value of Demand Response Through Automation
Learn more about automated load management. There is a significant amount of money to be earned...

Let's Do The Math For DR

Let's Do The Math for DR
In the paper, learn in-depth analysis of the two new 3-year retention bonuses. Learn how high performance DR can really pay off with the local utility programs...


Power Purchase Agreements

Sustainable Energy Sustains Production
The low cost of traditional energy hasn’t totally eroded profits from the ‘green’ methods available to power production. Manufacturers continue to meter renewable energy into their operations...

Hospitals Contemplate Airborne Infection

Hospitals Contemplate Airborne Infection
HVAC Upgrades Part of Overall Strategy to Eliminate IAQ Issues...

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines Begin Providing Renewable Energy at Honda Transmission Plant in Ohio
Two Turbines Are Projected to Supply 10 Percent of the Plant’s Electricity...

Active Energy Strategy Maximizes Competitive Advantage

Active Energy Strategy Maximizes Competitive Advantage
By Cara Olmsted, Director of New Business Development for ConEdison Solutions

With more than 11.5 million square feet of office space currently under construction in New York City, the market remains highly competitive...

Woman Engineer Article

A Woman Engineer at ConEdison Solutions
The Cover Story in the Fall 2013 edition of Woman Engineer...


District Energy

Miami-Dade Expands, Combines Cooling Systems
Miami-Dade's situation was far from optimal, yet the potential was significant. It owned two cooling plants: one that was old and inefficient with no room for expansion and another that was new, efficient and underutilized. By 2008, the county was facing multiple challenges...


NYSERDA Funnels Millions into Renewable Energy in Westchester
ConEdison Solutions plans to leverage its $3 million NYSERDA award to target multiple commercial real estate sites, as well as industrial and governmental facilities...

Office Building

Viridity, ConEdison Solutions Take On Demand Response 2.0
Viridity and ConEdison Solutions launch a commercial-scale effort to turn buildings into energy market resources...

Energy Optimization

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Energy Optimization
"ConEdison Solutions and Viridity Energy, Inc. recently announced their joint introduction of a new energy demand response service. The service, "Energy Optimization," a first-to-market, automated, revenue generating, energy management offering..."

Solar Panels

New Bedford's planned solar foray hailed as 'model for the country'
"The program, which includes installation of solar panels on school buildings and public locations throughout New Bedford, could save the city $10 million by 2033 and produce enough power to run about 1,500 homes, according to the city.

Consolidated Edison Solutions plans to first install solar panels on Keith Middle School, Normandin Middle School, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, the Department of Public Infrastructure building on Shawmut Avenue and the Hillman Street Gymnasium and Community Center...

Solar House

First of it's Kind Solar Initiative in New Bedford
"It's a step in the right direction for clean renewable energies in New Bedford, and the first of it's kind in Massachusetts. On Friday, a city-wide, multi-site solar power initiative was launched..."

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