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Energy expenses can total up to 30 percent of a commercial building’s operating costs. But what if you didn’t have to accept that paradigm? The truth is—you don’t. By strategically managing your electricity usage to support the grid’s need to balance supply and demand, you can access a lucrative new revenue stream. If you’re ready to turn your energy assets into revenue generators, ConEdison Solutions has the turnkey solutions that will change the way you think about energy.

Our Solution: Energy Optimization

With our customized demand response and virtual generation tools, we give you the power to control your energy budget, reduce your energy use, and capitalize on your energy assets.

  • Demand Response Services: Participate in utility and/or ISO-sponsored grid programs and earn money by committing to reduce your load at specified times.
  • Virtual Generation Services: Magnify the benefits of demand response programs by taking advantage of economic opportunities in the day-ahead, ancillary, spinning reserves, and capacity markets throughout the year.
  • Energy Optimization Services: Integrate your supply, demand and price through our energy supply solutions, demand response services and virtual generation capabilities.

ConEdison Solutions Provides DR Portfolio Management:

  • Leading-edge AutoDR-enabled Demand Response services using VPower™ real-time software
  • Utility Demand Charge Management with VPower UDM
  • ISO Ancillary Services for regulation and/or sync-reserves
  • ISO Virtual Generation

VPower™ Software Integrates:

  • Real-time market pricing
  • Real-time client energy system performance
  • Real-time control during DR events 

VPower™ Enables Energy Awareness:

  • Automate your demand response experience
  • Take advantage of economic opportunities in the market place
  • Expand participation in ISO programs requiring quick response times
  • Better manage demand and peak loads

VPower Enables Energy Awareness Chart

VPower Monitors Demand Response Events

VPower Monitors Demand Response Events Chart

VPower Provides Utility Demand Management

Manage Your Energy Costs with VPower UDM
VPower UDM helps an organization become more aware of its distribution charge exposure and provides insights on how to lower its overall energy spend for every monthly bill.

  • Access to VPower Dashboard to monitor real-time demand,  market conditions, and weather for one or multiple sites
  • Monthly savings reports outline savings achievements

VPower UDM Adds More Value

  • Monthly reduction of utility peak demand charges
  • Monthly savings up to 15% on electric utility bills
  • A $60,000 savings per 250 kW of peak demand reduction, in NYC Zone J

VPower UDM Adds more Value Chart

Ancillary Services and Virtual Generation

Beyond Demand Response, the VPower software also enables:

  • NYISO Ancillary Services (DSASP) for Regulation and/or Sync-Reserves
  • NYISO Day-Ahead DRP (DADRP) for Economic Capacity Trading

Sign up for the UDM service today! This offer provides an energy savings solution that aims to help business customers lower some of the charges on their monthly utility bills. By helping you to better manage your property’s distribution charge exposure, you can lower your overall monthly energy spend. Get UDM and see the potential that this service offers to reduce your energy costs

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