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Making the Right Choice

Large Business Electricity Supply

Making the right energy decisions requires up-to-the-minute knowledge of today’s ever-changing markets, supply conditions, and technology.

Our experts monitor these conditions regularly and utilize this knowledge to help customers make the right energy purchasing decisions for their business.  (See trends to access market information.)

ConEdison Solutions is a licensed energy supplier, with years of experience working with customers to develop strategies and electricity solutions that help businesses maximize the value of energy cost savings and minimize price.  ConEdison Solutions now offers natural gas in the Con Edison and National Grid New York, and National Grid Long Island territories. We are currently serving the PSE&G market for natural gas (as well as electricity in all of NJ). Our team designs energy products and services to fit an array of needs and market conditions, and we continually develop new products and services to meet our customers’ needs. 

Over the past decade we have worked with thousands of businesses to identify and develop electricity purchasing plans that have resulted in benefits, including millions of dollars in savings for our customers.  Our unique pricing plans and competitive electricity prices are designed to help businesses:

  • Control energy costs;
  • Manage price risk;
  • Use resources cost-effectively; and
  • Achieve environmental objectives.

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