Colts Neck Township Community Energy Aggregation

Colts Neck New Jersey

Residents of Colts Neck, NJ are able to participate in the Colts Neck Township Community Energy Aggregation.

ConEdison Solutions is supplying the electricity for this aggregation and the program is designed to provide savings to the residents of Colts Neck on their energy supply purchases. Participants in the program will get electricity supply at the current price of 9.28 cents per kWh through their December 2016 meter read date. At this price, the typical Colts Neck Township residential customer is projected to save about 9.5% off of the JCP&L tariff price for power supply, which translates to about $300 over the term of the contract for the typical customer.

Eligible residential customers are automatically enrolled in the program but have the ability to opt out by contacting ConEdison Solutions. JCP&L will continue to be responsible for the delivery of the electricity and should be contacted directly in the case of an outage or emergency. Eligible customers are those that do not already have a contract with a third-party electricity supplier.

For more information, please read information on the Colts Neck Township website:

You may also get additional information by contacting ConEdison Solutions:

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