Town of Greenfield Electricity Aggregation Program

Greenfield Light & Power Program

As of January 1, 2015, the Greenfield Community Light and Power Program offers 100% green electricity provided by ConEdison Solutions to residential and commercial utility customers in the Town of Greenfield.

Eligible residential customers are automatically enrolled in the program, but have the ability to opt out by submitting a request to ConEdison Solutions. Eligible customers are those who do not have a contract with a third-party electricity supplier.

ConEdison Solutions
STANDARD Green Option

July 2016-Jan 2017 meter-read dates

ConEdison Solutions
PREMIUM Green Option

July 2016-Jan 2017 meter-read dates

Residential: 11.44 cents per kWh
Commercial: 11.37 cents per kWh
Industrial: 11.29 cents per kWh
Residential: 13.10 cents per kWh
Commercial: 13.03 cents per kWh
Industrial: 12.95 cents per kWh

Detailed program information, including answers to frequently asked questions, are available at Greenfield Light & Power

Additional information about energy aggregation can be obtained by:

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