Municipal Aggregation

Save on Your Electricity Bill

Municipal aggregation enables groups of customers, even entire communities, to pool their buying power and save on their electricity bills. By bundling the usage of a large number of customers, an aggregation can result in better prices in the competitive electricity market.

As a leader in supplying energy aggregations, we work with our customer groups to evaluate electricity pricing options and create a favorable plan. As an aggregation group, you can reduce prices, support renewable resources, or do both because we negotiate with a broad range of generation companies to meet your goals. In all cases, our buying power together with yours as an aggregation, should give you prices lower than if your participants shopped individually.

Our current aggregations are:

Gloucester Township

Borough of Somerdale

ConEdison Solutions is also the supplier for the Sustainable Westchester Energy Aggregation for those Aggregation customers in the ConEdison Company of New York (ConEd) utility territory. If you live in a participating community and your home is currently supplied by a retail supplier other than ConEdison Solutions and wish to opt in to the Aggregation, you wish to opt out a single account from the Aggregation or you wish to change your product selection from 100% renewable to basic or from basic to 100% renewable, you may do so by going to the website and selecting from the “Energy Choices” drop down menu.



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Fact Sheet

Municipal Aggregation Factsheet

Municipal Aggregation: Making energy savings work for your community. Learn More


Municipal Aggregation FAQs
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