Tel-all® Energy Education Program

ConEdison Solutions’ Tel-all® Program – Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders – Auditing, Learning & Leading

ConEdison Solutions Tel-all Program

The Tel-all Program is offered to school districts in which ConEdison Solutions is selected to develop an energy efficiency project.  The objective of ConEdison Solutions’ Tel-all training program is for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of how energy is created, how it is used, and how it can be used in more efficient and sustainable ways. Students will learn about renewable technologies, energy consumption, auditing and monitoring energy use, and sustainability through research, professional instruction, and hands-on activities. Students will also learn about careers in the energy industry from industry professionals. Upon completion of the program, the students will understand how energy can be saved through conservation and efficiency, how employing renewable and sustainable technologies can improve efficiency, and what opportunities there are for careers in the industry.

The Tel-all program developed by ConEdison Solutions will be taught in three phases.

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Phase I – The first phase primarily encompasses the district’s existing curriculum to satisfy district requirements, and is also focused on renewable energy. ConEdison Solutions will supplement the curriculum with the inclusion of a subject matter expert and lesson plan to enhance understanding of renewable technologies.

Phase II Phase two is focused on energy awareness and will provide students the opportunity to perform hands-on energy audits. They will begin by learning about the ConEdison Solutions energy project being conducted at their school facilities. The lessons taught in this phase will help students understand how energy is used in their schools and at home. In addition to developing an awareness of how energy is used, students will learn about various types of energy and how energy can be monitored to manage consumption.

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Phase III – Phase three supplements the first two phases, and focuses on sustainability and careers in the energy industry. The class will include examples where sustainable technologies have been implemented, and consider which opportunities would be a good fit for their school/district. ConEdison Solutions energy professionals will be available to come to the school to discuss career opportunities in several energy-related fields. The learning materials, created in coordination with NEED, the National Energy Education Development Project, and any training equipment used during the Tel-all program will remain the property of the district for the benefit of future students participating in the Tel-all program.

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