Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)

ESPC & Design Build

ESPC is a multi-faceted financial and construction contract vehicle that enables clients to replace aging, inefficient, or high-maintenance equipment with new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment with little or no capital outlay. An ESPC can provide an improved, environmentally-friendly, healthy and sustainable facility to work or learn in without compromising your budgets.

  1. Initial Energy Inspection We'll identify upgrade opportunities and areas for energy performance improvement. Preliminary savings and installation costs will be estimated in order to evaluate the potential energy and environmental improvements.

  2. Investment Grade Audit (IGA) A point-by-point, customized plan detailing specific energy initiatives, along with savings, and implementation costs will be provided. In addition, well identify and include any available federal, state, or utility energy grants or rebates.

  3. Project Implementation We'll develop a project schedule, including integrated engineering and design, and then manage on-site construction and perform system-wide testing to ensure specifications have been met.

  4. On-going Measurement & Monitoring As we monitor energy savings, we'll coordinate operations and engineering services to verify energy performance, and we will help you maintain the installation.

  5. Savings Reconciliation & Guarantee Well deliver annual validation reports detailing cumulative energy and cost savings of the installed improvements.

Design Build Services

Design-build is a construction project delivery system where the project’s design and construction aspects are contracted for with a single entity known as the design-build contractor. This system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment. ConEdison Solutions strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion i.e. construction has begun while the building is in the final design approval phase.

  1. Listen, Learn
    We review your project needs, desires, and goals with your team. Our engineers and technical staff will visit your facilities to evaluate existing building systems and infrastructure. This approach assures that you get what YOU want.

  2. Report, Recommend
    Based on our detailed inspection and consultation with your staff, we recommend a preliminary project design.
    Regardless of the project size, our designs compare cost versus benefit by analyzing installation costs, energy efficiency, system performance, operations, maintenance, and equipment reliability.

  3. Design, Develop
    Our engineers develop a final project design that provides the greatest benefit at the least cost. Specific trade subcontractors are reviewed and selected to perform the installation.

  4. Construct, Commission
    ConEdison Solutions assumes the role of prime contractor, providing a dedicated construction manager to handle all the activities associated with successful project implementation.

  5. Service
    We are committed to delivering quality service and equipment. Our construction managers are on-site throughout construction to guarantee all installations are completed safely, according to schedule, and with excellent workmanship.

ESPC Brochure

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)

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