Energy Efficiency

Engineer-Design Build Services

Energy Efficiency (aka energy conservation) refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption within a facility in order to preserve natural and financial resources for the future, and to reduce environmental pollution. It can be achieved through efficient use of energy (when energy use is decreased while achieving a similar outcome). Energy efficiency/conservation may result in increased availability of financial capital, reduced environmental impact of the energy you use, national security, personal security, and human comfort.

Facility Upgrades

The act of improving or replacing (upgrading) the structural, mechanical or electrical components that make up a facility/customer portfolio. Some of the more regularly employed facility upgrades/improvements include lighting and lighting controls, heating, cooling and ventilation, water conservation, roof replacement, ceiling, roof, and wall insulation, motors, drives, windows, doors, and exit signs.

Design Build Services

Design-build is a construction project delivery system where the project’s design and construction aspects are contracted for with a single entity known as the design-build contractor. This system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. The most efficient design-builders, such as ConEdison Solutions, have design and construction professionals working directly for the same entity. Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment. This does not necessarily shorten the time it takes to complete the individual tasks of creating construction documents (working drawings and specifications), acquiring building and other permits, or actually constructing the building. Instead, ConEdison Solutions strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion; i.e. construction has begun while the building design is being finalized. Typically, the hallmark of a Design/Build project is that one organization is responsible for both design and construction of the project.

ESPC Brochure

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)

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