Project Management

The Project Management Process:

Project Management

Preliminary Energy Audit (PEA):

During the initial energy inspection, we identify upgrade opportunities and areas for energy performance improvement. Preliminary savings and installation costs are estimated in order to evaluate potential energy and environmental improvements.

Investment Grade Audit (IGA)

A point-by-point, customized plan detailing specific energy initiatives, potential savings, and implementation costs is provided. In addition, we identify any available federal, state, or utility energy incentives or rebates.

Project Implementation/Construction

We develop a complete project schedule, including integrated engineering and design, on-site construction management and perform system-wide testing and commissioning to ensure specifications are met.

On-going Monitoring, Measurement and Verification (M&V)

We monitor energy savings, coordinate operations and engineering services to verify energy performance, and provide client assistance to maintain the installation.

Energy Savings Reconciliation & Guarantee

We deliver annual validation reports detailing cumulative energy and cost savings of the installed improvements.

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