How We Work

How We Work

Working closely with our clients’ staff, ConEdison Solutions employs an integrated team approach to each project. After we assemble our customized project team - account management, engineering, project management, and construction - we follow a meticulous process. After we listen, learn, evaluate, design, and schedule, only then do we build.

GOALS/STEPS - ConEdison Solutions is responsible for all of the tasks necessary to identify, implement, monitor, and maintain energy saving projects. Applicable rebates and incentives from government agencies and investor-owned utilities will be identified and, if requested, appropriate project financing can also be arranged. Our project Design/Build and ESPC process is as follows:

  1. Preliminary Energy Assessment (PEA): Preliminary assessment of energy savings opportunities and evaluation of existing conditions. Estimated savings and installation costs are calculated.
  2. Investment Grade Audit (IGA): A comprehensive analysis of energy initiatives of interest to the client. Potential savings and firm implementation costs outlined.
  3. Contract Negotiated: Based on detailed energy audit results and the goals of the client, either an ESPC or Design/Build agreement is developed. Baseline energy cost saving projections are established and financing costs determined.
  4. Project Construction Plan: A detailed project construction schedule is provided that details all steps in the process including project milestones, client review, meeting and construction schedule.
  5. Engineering & Design: Integrated approach with life-cycle cost assessment. Renewable initiatives are incorporated into the design specifications.
  6. Construction: ConEdison Solutions is the on-site general contractor to manage the work.
  7. System Commissioning: All installed systems are tested to ensure they meet specifications.
  8. Facility Staff Training: Staff trained to operate the equipment in accordance with specifications.
  9. Measurement, Monitoring, Verification (M&V): Systems are monitored to verify actual savings are consistent with promised performance.
  10. Operations & Maintenance: ConEdison Solutions can provide all of the operations and maintenance services required to support the efficiency improvements.
  11. ESPC Savings Reconciliations & Guarantee: A report will be provided annually that compares the projected energy savings with the actual energy saved.

NOTE: Cost and Risk-Free for ESPC: There is no up-front investment. Annual energy savings will be greater than or equal to the cost to finance the project—guaranteed.

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