Small Business Green Power for UI

Green Small Business for Connecticut UI Customers

Why Green Energy?

Residential and small commercial customers of UI can choose ConEdison Solutions’ Connecticut Green Power - clean, 100% renewable energy. Rather than drawing on traditional power sources, such as nuclear power and fossil fuels, Connecticut Green Power is generated from national wind sources. If you purchase Green Power from ConEdison Solutions, we will purchase renewable energy certificates from national wind sources to offset the amount of your energy consumption. The benefit of green power is that it produces none of the detrimental environmental effects associated with standard electricity production, such as air emissions and greenhouse gases.

ConEdison Solutions' Connecticut Green Power costs one cent per kilowatt-hour (kWh) more than our standard power. While the cost for renewable energy is a penny higher than electricity generated from traditional power sources, the benefits are clear. Upgrading to renewable energy makes a difference and is a very affordable way to join fellow Connecticut citizens in showing that you care about the future of our environment.

With ConEdison Solutions, it is easy to buy green electricity generated from environmentally friendly sources without any other difference in your level of service. Help preserve the environment by enrolling today.

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