Residential Green Power in Con Edison in New York

Why Green Energy?

The need for clean, renewable energy – and the reduction of our dependence on costly, polluting fossil fuels – is becoming more critical than ever. From hybrid vehicles to the search for affordable and eco-friendly “green” energy alternatives, Americans are innovating and working harder than ever to meet 21st century energy challenges head on. Here in New York, ConEdison Solutions is doing its part with our Green Power Program, one of the easiest and most economical ways for all of us to show that we care about the environment.

What is Green Energy?

Green Power

ConEdison Solutions Green Power is generated from 35% wind power and 65% New York run-of-river hydro power and costs 1 cent per kWh more than our Standard Power. Con Edison customers can choose Green Power in either a fixed or variable price option.

Wind Power

ConEdison Solutions Wind Power is generated from 100% regional wind power and costs 2.5 cents per kWh more than Standard Power. Con Edison customers can choose Wind Power in either a fixed or variable option

There are no sign-up or switching fees for either green product and there is no penalty for cancelling. As more people sign up for these programs, more wind energy projects can be built to help create a cleaner environment.

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