What is renewable energy?
Renewable or “green” electricity comes from power sources that are infinite like the sun, wind, tides, or other sources that replenish themselves naturally.

Why buy renewable energy from ConEdison Solutions?
By choosing to purchase renewable energy, you are doing something positive for our air, health, environment, and the condition of our planet. Renewable energy reduces the burning of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, and natural gas) for electricity. The result is a reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gases that are linked to environmental problems like acid rain and smog. Buying renewable energy can also provide jobs and other economic benefits by supporting home-grown, local energy sources.

Will the green energy I buy be delivered directly to my home?
The power grid works in a way whereby no energy supplier can guarantee that specific electrons are delivered to your home. We can assure you, however, that the amount of green energy you purchase, which is generated by wind farms and or small hydropower plants, is delivered to the power grid for regional distribution and the renewable energy you purchase and your purchase does make a real difference.

Will there be any changes to my electric service?
No, you will still be connected to the same regional power grid that provides your power now. There will be no effect on the reliability or quality of your service. Purchasing green power does not require re-wiring or special equipment.

What is the meaning of Green-e Energy certification?
ConEdison Solutions' Wind Power is Green-e Energy certified, which is is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. The Green-e Energy logo identifies superior, certified renewable energy options, and is used by businesses to communicate the purchase and/or generation of certified renewable energy. The program is administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco. More information is available at

Why does renewable electricity cost more than standard electricity?
The technologies used to convert the wind or the sun to electricity are currently more expensive than traditional generation sources. Renewable energy technologies are newer and the industries are much smaller than traditional energy industries. Therefore, they do not enjoy the economies of scale and prolonged learning curve that benefit today's more established technologies like coal and nuclear.

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