Making a Difference with Solar

Keith Middle School, New Bedford, MA

Keith Middle School, New Bedford, MA



Environmental Benefits

CO2 Offsets: 154.337 lbs. annually
CO2 Equivalent: 13.47 cars removed from the road annually


Sharp NU-U235F2
Panels: 364

System size

86 kW (DC)


$300,000 over 20 years

Keith Middle School was just one of several municipal customers in New Bedford, MA that wanted to reduce its electricity bills. City officials commissioned ConEdison Solutions to install 364 Sharp solar panels on the school’s rooftop. With 86 kW of PV capacity, Keith Middle School now generates enough clean power to save nearly $11,000 a year. Over the course of 20 years, the school expects to realize savings approaching $300,000. And during that time, it will have offset the equivalent of 2.3 million pounds of CO2.

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