Ice Rink Warms Up to Solar

Falmouth Youth Ice Hockey Rink, Falmouth, MA

falmouth youth hockey solar project


Environmental Benefits

CO2 Offsets: 1,385,402 lbs.
CO2 Equivalent: 121 cars
removed from the road annually


Sharp NU-U240F1
Panels: 3,302

System size

$1,600,000 over 20 years

Since 1965, Falmouth Youth Hockey Rink has served thousands of young skaters within the community. Wanting to reduce rising utility costs, the Rink turned to ConEdison Solutions for help. Using a power purchase agreement, Falmouth Rink financed the installation of 3,302 solar panels across more than 60,000 square feet of rooftop and parking space. The installation covers 100% of the facility’s electricity needs, and it is helping the hockey league save an average of $80,000 annually.

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