Smaller CO2 Emissions with a Smaller Electricity Bill

Eastham Elementary School, Eastham, MA

Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative, Eastham Elementary School, MA


Environmental Benefits

CO2 Offsets: 160,638 lbs. annually
CO2 Equivalent: 14 cars removed from the road annually


Suntech STP-200
Panels: 504

System size

101 kW (DC)


$168,594 over 15 years

Located in Barnstable County, the Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative helps integrate renewable power into the region’s energy mix. Eastham Elementary is only one of six schools throughout the County that has gone solar under the Coop’s green program. ConEdison Solutions was commissioned to install 101 kW of PV capacity at Eastham Elementary – enough to save the school more than $11,000 a year and offset its carbon footprint by 160,000 pounds annually.

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