Solar PV Energy Services for Large Business

Solar PV - Large Business

Incorporating solar into your energy strategy is easier than you think. You can reduce your electricity costs and fulfill your sustainability goals, now, with ConEdison Solutions' solar photovoltaic (PV) program. No up-front capital is required for ConEdison Solutions to design and build a solar PV system for your facility.

It’s Easy to Install Solar with ConEdison Solutions

ConEdison Solutions will provide turnkey installation services including design, construction, project management, incentive management, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance services.

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The solar PV systems are installed under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) whereby, ConEdison Solutions owns the system and sells the output (kWh) of the system to you.  As a result you incur no up-front costs.  ConEdison Solutions is also able to pass on the benefits of the federal, state, and local incentives that you may not be able to take advantage of directly as well as sale of the solar renewable energy credits.

Reliable Power Supply, Upon Demand

Your solar PV installation will meet a portion of your total supply needs. All other supply requirements will be met by the utility grid, just as they are today.

Targeted Regions within the United States

ConEdison Solutions is currently offering solar PV installations in multiple states. The most attractive states for consumers are determined by the level of financial incentives and/or existence of a Solar Renewable Energy Credit market.  As favorable solar programs are established in more states, ConEdison Solutions will expand its PPA offering into those states.  ConEdison Solutions is able to provide design/build services for customers that want to own their solar equipment anywhere in the U.S.

Make Solar PV PowerPart of Your Energy Future

Solar PV Applications

Solar PV can be best utilized on non-shaded rooftops, carports, or ground mounted applications. For rooftop applications, a newer roof of less than 5 years is preferred. The best opportunities for ground mounted applications are those that require little land clearing and where the land is secure.

Solar Power Tailored to Your Needs

Not all installations require the same technology.  ConEdison Solutions will design, build, monitor, and maintain a system sized for your site. Thin film and panels are manufactured by various providers.

Predictable Price For Power – A Hedge Against Rising Energy Prices

A solar PV installation can help you predict energy costs because your solar energy price is established at the time of contract signing and is fixed for the term of the contract.

Steps to Implementing Solar PV with ConEdison Solutions


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A preliminary assessment of the location and size of your facility will reveal if opportunities exist to meet your energy and/or environmental goals. If they do, we’ll conduct a thorough on-site walk-through.


Two contracts are required to implement solar PV installations at no up-front cost:

  1. A Power Purchase Agreement provides for the sale of the output on a per kWh basis; and
  2. A site lease agreement allows ConEdison Solutions to access the solar PV equipment over the term of a ten to twenty-year contract.


You will get a turnkey installation that includes the Solar PV System design, project and construction management, commissioning of the installation and coordination with your local utility.

Incentive Management

All requisite compliance and reporting will be taken care of by ConEdison Solutions. We file appropriate documentation with federal and state agencies, and participate in state and utility SREC and REC markets.

Monitoring Performance for Maximum Benefit

We’ll monitor the solar PV installations for performance and billing purposes – and you’ll be able to track your facilities’ solar energy output and environmental contributions via the internet.

Make Solar PV Power Part of Your Energy Future

ConEdison Solutions is an energy services company that provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, sustainability services, and cost-effective energy efficiency services for commercial, industrial, residential, and government customers.

In addition, we are one of the largest competitive retail electricity suppliers in the United States, as reported by independent consulting firm KEMA. We supply electricity to over 200,000 customers in 11 states and the District of Columbia, covering more than 40 utility territories.

Solar energy is good for the environment, good for the economy, and good for the country. Solar PV energy systems deliver long-term greenhouse gas reductions and societal benefits. They can also support your organization’s bottom line.

ConEdison Solutions is committed to energy innovation while conserving natural resources. We are reinventing energy now to help stabilize your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint today, and grow the supply of renewable energy sources for the future.

As we look to earth-friendly, sustainable energy resources, we continue to draw on and share the heritage of our parent company, Consolidated Edison, Inc., which has proudly served the energy needs of its customers for over 185 years.

Take your next step towards environmental stewardship. Contact us to see how your actions today can make a brighter future tomorrow.

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