Sustainable/Renewable Services

Sustainable/Renewable Services

From the school house, to the court house to the State house, ConEdison Solutions has consistently provided the technical expertise, project management, and installation capabilities to deliver the industry standard for “turnkey” energy services. Besides efficiency, over a decade of experience in delivering distributed combined heat and power generation for a variety of clients provides us with a solid foundation of relevant engineering and project management expertise as we engage renewable energy applications. The CES team of energy service professionals provide unmatched upfront conceptual design and engineering analysis, which in turn provides our clients with renewable and sustainable energy projects that are consistently well engineered and delivered with the promised results and value.


From the highest (42 stories up) solar installation in New York City to a multi-facility municipal program on Cape Cod, MA, ConEdison Solutions continues to provide innovative solutions for our clients. Whether your goals are for a significant roof or ground-mounted photovoltaic installation, we can meet your solar power needs.

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With experience in the design, engineering and installation of wind resources for projects as diverse as a 1.5 MW wind power project for a New Jersey Naval Station to a 1.8 kW demonstration feasibility project for a premier Midwestern university as part of a large energy saving performance contract, we have demonstrated our technical and project management expertise with this emerging technology.


Although solar and wind power are currently two of the better-known sources of green energy, there are other technologies available for which ConEdison Solutions has the expertise to guide you on your way to a greener facility. One example is biomass, and a specific application is the biomass boiler. Biomass boilers work by consuming organic material to generate heat. Pulp and paper mills have burned woodchips for centuries, but over the past 20 years boilers have become very efficient, clean sources of heat. Recently ConEdison Solutions installed the first wood chip-fueled biomass boilers in the State of Rhode Island at the Foster-Glocester School District. The high-efficiency, computer-controlled boilers burn local woodchips as their fuel, thereby saving over 80% of the cost of heating with fuel oils, the schools only other alternative. The chips, produced as a by-product of local lumber mills, otherwise would have gone to landfills to decompose or been trucked away for other uses. This means that the facility’s heating system will have no net impact on global warming (no net increase in greenhouse gases). As the need becomes greater for our country to become more energy-efficient and less reliant on fuel oil, the ability to implement new and/or improved technologies will become greater. The biomass boiler is just one way that ConEdison Solutions is helping facilities achieve energy efficiency on our way to a greener environment.

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From June 1999 through May 2008 ConEdison Solutions’ sister company, ConEdison Development owned and operated five hydropower plants located in and around Springfield, MA. The 18 MWs of low-impact, “run of river” hydro plants were: Red Bridge Station; Indian Orchard Station; Putts Bridge Station; Dwight Station; and Gardner’s Falls Station.


Sustainable Energy & Services that are good for you and for the environment. ConEdison Solutions will develop a sustainability plan that can reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy consumption, and enhance the performance of your energy-consuming equipment. Options include:Installation of energy-efficient equipment that reduces your energy consumption and saves you money while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Evaluation and implementation of on-site green energy generation such as photo-voltaic, windmills, and biomass applications;Assessment of your facilities for the nationally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification;Purchase of renewable energy such as wind, hydro, or solar power, and/or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for all, or a portion of, your energy needs.

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