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A Portfolio of Green Solutions Tailored To Your Facility

Government Go Green Energy Services

Our energy sustainability experts will develop a facility-specific portfolio of cost-effective options to reduce your carbon footprint – while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Your individualized sustainability plan will be comprised of a blended array of capabilities, including:


Installation of thin film and/or crystalline solar panels.

Wind Power

Wind supplied from the grid and/or development of on-site wind power systems that can provide a portion or all of the electricity required.


Installation of state-of-the-art biomass systems such as boilers that use various organic fuels (e.g. wood, crops, manure, discarded materials) to generate energy.


Installation of geothermal heat pumps that use the earth’s energy to heat and cool buildings.

Energy Performance Contracting

System-wide energy efficiency improvements, water conservation and green building initiatives requiring little or no upfront capital investment.

Demand Response Pricing Plans

Revenue creation and cost savings based upon voluntary load reduction during critical peak load events.

Building Envelope/HVAC Improvements/ Water Conservation

Energy-efficient systems improvements including: Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning systems, lighting, motors, controls and building envelope and water reductions applications.

PLUS, we offer...

  1. Support for securing all required permits;
  2. Assistance in applying for local utility, state and federal government incentive/rebate programs;
  3. Energy audits, performance measurement & verification;
  4. Customized engineering software for modeling energy/water consumption;
  5. Environmental impact assessment; and
  6. Assistance in obtaining Green Building/LEED Compliance.

Unmatched experience, reliability and integrity in the energy services industry.

ConEdison Solutions employs over 185 energy professionals. Our staff of energy engineers has a combined knowledge base of over 1,000 years. Our team averages 23 years in general and specialized experience in energy services and performance contracting.

That’s powerful assurance that the vital energy recommendations that we make are well-informed, environmentally responsible, and economically sound – today and tomorrow.

  1. Change the way you think about energy.
  2. Make the switch to sustainable energy sources.

Sustainable energy is good for the environment, the economy and the country. Upgraded, energy-efficient energy systems deliver long-term energy reduction and cost savings that impact the bottom line. Environmentally-sensitive, smart energy decisions help save and renew the vital ecosystem that is essential to all of us. That’s a savings plan everyone can live with.

ConEdison Solutions is committed to energy innovations while conserving our natural resources. We are reinventing energy now to help lower your costs today, reduce your carbon footprint tomorrow, and protect the environment for future generations.

As we look to earth-friendly, sustainable energy resources, we continue to draw on and share the heritage of our parent company, Consolidated Edison, Inc., which has proudly served the energy needs of its customers for over 185 years.

Take your first step towards environmental stewardship. Contact your ConEdison Solutions representative today for a free, no obligation sustainable/renewable energy analysis.

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