FAQs - Penn Power/
West Penn Power

Which service classes are eligible for this offer?
Residential accounts (RS) are eligible.  Time-of-use accounts are not eligible for the current offer.

Is the ConEdison Solutions price a direct comparison?
The ConEdison Solutions price is a direct "apples-to-apples" comparison to the Penn Power/West Penn Power Price to Compare which included the cost of electricity generation, transmission, and gross receipts tax.

Are there enrollment or cancellation fees?
With ConEdison Solutions, there are no switching fees or cancellation fees.


What will happen to my bill?

ConEdison Solutions’ price will replace the Penn Power/West Penn Power electricity generation and transmission portions of the bill.
How does enrolling affect my electricity service and billing?
There a no changes except getting a lower price. ConEdison Solutions will arrange the supply of electricity and Penn Power/West Penn Power will deliver it just as before you switched. Penn Power/West Penn Power continues to read your meter, handle the billing, and respond to any emergencies.

Will I still receive Budget/Level Billing?
Yes. If you are currently participating in a budget/level billing plan with Penn Power/West Penn Power you still receive a budget/level bill if you enroll with ConEdison Solutions.
How long will it take to switch?
The effective date of your choice depends on your next meter read date and can take three to eight weeks. You will receive a Welcome Letter from ConEdison Solutions within 2 weeks of acceptance of your enrollment.

Will I receive the same Penn Power/West Penn Power monthly bill when I switch to ConEdison Solutions?
Yes. You will receive a single monthly bill from your electric utility, Penn Power/West Penn Power, and ConEdison Solutions charges will be included within this single bill.

How do I know that a different supplier will provide reliable service?
If you choose a new electric supplier, the quality, reliability, and maintenance of your electric service will not change. Your current electric utility will continue to provide the same distribution service. And electric suppliers must be licensed by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to do business in Pennsylvania.

What is the Penn Power/West Penn Power Price to Compare?
The Price to Compare is the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) your electric distribution company, Penn Power/West Penn Power, will charge. As you shop for electricity, ask competitive suppliers to provide you with a Price to Compare so that you can make an apples-to-apples comparison on price for the generation portion of your bill.

Who should I call about outages and repairs?
You will still call your electric utility about power outages and repairs.

Are all taxes included in the price?
Yes. The ConEdison Solutions price includes gross receipts tax.

What is gross receipts tax (GRT) on sales of electric energy?
Gross receipts tax is paid by both the electric distribution company and the supplier on the basis of the company's or the supplier's gross receipts from the sale of electric generation supply within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ConEdison Solutions includes GRT in our electricity residential prices.

Is switching popular in Pennsylvania?

Over 1 million consumers have already taken advantage of the benefit of switching their electricity supplier in Pennsylvania.


ConEdison Solutions is fully licensed and approved by Pennsylvania and there are no sign-up or cancellation fees.



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