Pennsylvania PPL FAQs

What does your price include?

Our price includes the PPL electricity generation portion, transmission, and gross receipts tax.
How does enrolling affect my electricity service and billing?
There are no changes to your electricity service or billing other than that you pay a lower price.  We will arrange the supply of electricity and PPL will deliver it just as before you switched.  PPL continues to read your meter, handle the billing, and respond to any emergencies.

What do you mean by the generation portion of my bill?
There are two elements to your electricity bill, one is the cost to buy the electricity and the other is the cost of delivering the electricity to your home or office.  The generation portion of your bill is the cost you pay to buy the electricity.
Will switching affect me if I am enrolled in the PPL Rate Stabilization Plan or Rate Mitigation Plan?
No, there is no impact to the PPL Rate Stabilization Plan or Rate Mitigation Plan.  PPL customers can still participate in these programs and receive generation from us.
Will I still receive Level Billing?
Yes, you will continue to be billed at a level payment amount each month.

What happens after the end of my first agreement term?
We will notify our customers of their new fixed price in two letters prior to the end of the agreement term.  You will have the option to continue, return to the utility, or choose another supplier.  Either way, there is no penalty for switching.


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