Massachusetts FAQs

What does electricity choice mean?

Customer choice means the ability to choose the company who will supply your electricity. If you choose a new supplier, your local utility will still deliver the electricity provided by the electric supplier you choose and will still respond to outages and maintain the distribution system.  

Will my electrical service be interrupted during the transition to ConEdison Solutions?

Your electricity supply will continue uninterrupted.  Nothing will change in terms of receiving your electricity or service from your local utility, except that the generation portion of your electricity service will be supplied by ConEdison Solutions.  

What does your price include?

Our price includes the electricity generation portion of your bill and replaces the generation charge from your local utility.  Your utility will still bill for its distribution service.  

How does my enrollment impact my current electricity service and billing?

We arrange the supply of electricity and then your local utility delivers it to you.  Your utility will still maintain lines and read your meter, and you will continue to call your utility for any emergencies.   If you are a residential customer or select consolidated billing for your business, you will also continue to receive one bill from your utility with the utility’s delivery charges and ConEdison Solutions’ electricity supply charges, and you will still pay your utility just as before.

Do I need to contact my current provider and let them know I am switching to ConEdison Solutions?

No, once you sign up with ConEdison Solutions, we’ll handle contacting your utility and notifying them of your switch.   If you are currently served by another competitive supplier (other than the local utility) you may be subject to a fee if their contract includes an Early Termination Penalty.  Please contact your current supplier to see if such a fee applies.

Will ConEdison Solutions send me something confirming my order?

Yes! ConEdison Solutions will send you a welcome package, including your sales agreement within a few days of signing up.

If I have time-of-day net metering, can I still enroll with ConEdison Solutions?

You can still enroll under our fixed price.  However, we do not currently offer residential customers in Massachusetts time-of-day pricing or on-peak and off-peak pricing plans.

Do you offer a budget billing plan in Massachusetts?

At this time, we are unable to offer a budget plan. We do offer fixed price plans which means the price you pay will not change for the term of your contract, but since the amount of energy you use each month will vary, the actual out-of-pocket costs may change from month to month.

What happens if I want to cancel?  

Small business and residential accounts can cancel anytime without penalty.  

What happens after the end of my first agreement term?

We will notify you of the new fixed price in a letter prior to the end of the agreement term.  You will have the option to continue with ConEdison Solutions, return to the utility, or choose another supplier.  No matter what you decide, ConEdison Solutions will not charge any penalty for switching.

What happens if I am tax exempt?

Please contact us to email or fax your tax exemption certificate to us so that we can process your exemption with the utility.  Unless we have your certificate on file, we are required to charge you sales tax.


Does ConEdison Solutions have any green or renewable electricity offerings?

At this time, we are not offering residential renewable energy in Massachusetts.  That may change in the future.  We do currently offer large commercial users renewable energy in Massachusetts so please contact us if you feel this program may be right for your business. 




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