Maryland FAQs

How does my enrollment impact my current electricity service and billing?

Absolutely nothing in your electric service or level of service will change. We arrange the supply of electricity and then the local utility delivers it to you. Your local utility will still maintain lines and read your meter, and you will continue to call your local utility for any emergencies. You will continue to receive one bill from your local utility with the utility’s delivery charges and our electricity supply charges, and you will still pay your local utility just as before.


Can I still enroll if I am on a low income or income assisted program?

Yes, you will still be eligible to enroll if you are enrolled in these programs. LIHEAP credits will only be applied to the utility's charges, not the supplier portion of the bill.


Can I stay in BGE’s PeakRewards program if I enroll with ConEdison?

Yes, you can also participate in all of BGE’s customer programs, including PeakRewards.  


If I have time-of-day net metering, can I still enroll?

You can still enroll under our fixed price.  However, we do not currently offer time-of-day pricing or on-peak and off-peak pricing plans.


What happens if I am on a budget plan?

Customers who are already enrolled in a budget billing program, your utility will continue to provide you with a budget bill for the delivery portion of your bill. Your bill will be adjusted to reflect your utility charges only. If you would like to participate in budget billing for your electric generation service charges, you will need to notify us after your enrollment is complete..


What happens if I want to cancel? 

Small business and residential accounts can cancel anytime without penalty. 


What happens if I am tax exempt?

Please contact us to email or fax your tax exemption certificate to us so that we can process your exemption with the utility.  Unless we have your certificate on file, we are required to charge you sales tax.


Do you have any green or renewable electricity offerings?

We do not have any residential renewable energy offers at this time.  However, we do provide large commercial users with renewable energy in Maryland.


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