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What does electricity choice mean in Illinois?
Customer choice means the ability to choose the company who will supply your electricity. ComEd will still be the company who delivers the electricity provided by the electric supplier you choose.  ComEd supports customer choice, and is working to help create an efficient, competitive and reliable marketplace, as intended by the Illinois General Assembly through the state's 1997 Restructuring Act and subsequent legislation.

What does your price include?
Our price includes the ComEd electricity supply portion and is a direct comparison to the ComEd price to compare.
How does enrolling affect my electricity service and billing?
There are no changes to your electricity service or billing other than that you pay a lower price.  We will arrange the supply of electricity and ComEd will deliver it just as before you switched.  ComEd continues to read your meter, handle the billing, and respond to any emergencies.

What do you mean by the supply portion of my bill?
There are two elements to your electricity bill, one is the cost to buy the electricity and the other is the cost of delivering the electricity to your home or office.  The supply portion of your bill is the cost you pay to buy the electricity.
Will I still receive Level Billing?
Yes, you will continue to be billed at a level payment amount each month.

Will I receive the same ComEd monthly bill when I switch to ConEdison Solutions?
Yes. You will receive a single monthly bill from your electric utility, ComEd, and ConEdison Solutions charges will be included within this single bill.

Will ConEdison Solutions send me something confirming my order?
Yes! ConEdison Solutions will send you a welcome package, including your sales agreement within 1 to 2 business days of signing up.

What happens after the end of my first agreement term?
We will notify our customers of their new fixed price prior to the end of the agreement term.  You will have the option to continue, return to the utility, or choose another supplier.  Either way, there is no penalty for switching.

Will my LIHEAP and PIPP benefits be affected?
Since ConEdison Solutions bills our charges the ComEd utility to bill, you will not notice any change with regard to your LIHEAP or PIPP benefits.

Do I need to contact my current provider and let them know I am switching to ConEdison Solutions?
No, once you sign up with ConEdison Solutions, we’ll handle contacting your utility and notifying them of your switch.

I blocked my account in the past. How do I unblock my account so I can switch?

Residential customers who want to limit supplier access to their account number and associated meter number can block the release of their billing and usage data by calling ComEd at 1-800-334-7661.


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