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What does your price include?

Our price includes the electricity generation portion of your bill and replaces the Eversource or UI generation charge.
How does enrolling affect my electricity service and billing?
There is no change to electricity service and billing.  We will arrange the generation of electricity and Eversource or UI will deliver it just as before you switched.  Eversource or UI continues to read your meter, handle the billing, and respond to any emergencies.

Will I still receive Level Billing?
Yes.    You will continue to be billed on a level payment amount each month but at the price charged by ConEdison

What happens after the end of my first agreement term?
We will notify you of their new fixed price in a letter prior to the end of the agreement term.  You will have the option to continue with, ConEdison Solutions, return to the utility, or choose another supplier.  Either way there is no penalty for switching.

What happens to my bill after I switch?
You will continue to receive one bill from Eversource or UI with your utility’s delivery charges and our generation charges, and you will still pay Eversource  or UI,  just as before you switched.

If I have time-of-day net metering, can I still enroll?
You can still enroll under our fixed price.  

What is a Time of Use rate?
A time of use rate option is rate plan where the rate you pay varies based on how much energy you use during different time periods. Such an option may include a two part price that is designed to achieve an overall minimization of customer bills by encouraging the reduction of consumption during the most energy intensive hours of the day.


I'm interested in a Time of Use rate, what are my options?
If you are interested in a Time of Use rate please contact us at 1-888-320-8991 to discuss your options.


What happens if I want to cancel? 
Small business and residential accounts can cancel anytime without penalty. 


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