Rachel Perez


Sales Executive
ConEdison Solutions
employee since
April 2001

"All flowers of all tomorrows are in today’s seeds.”

My dogs have a big place in my life. They’re high-strung terriers, so they really keep me going!

Maggie just loves people. If somebody is sick, she lays next to them. Maggie’s definitely a people dog. She’s my love. She makes me happy every day. I rescued her from a pet store. They were going to send her back. Another dog had mauled her. She had a rough first year, but she did great after that.

Daisy Mae likes to play with balls. I wanted to send a picture of her to the Yankees because she can catch any ball you throw at her — anything. She was born at home. My sister’s dogs had dogs. She’s part of that litter.

The whole family has five rat terriers, and one of the other dogs from the litter lives in my neighborhood, so we get them all together, put them on the terrace — six rat terriers! I can only have two. I live in a condo, so that’s it.

It’s easier to have the two because they play together, they stay home together. I work a lot of hours. I travel sometimes and then my mom and the dog walker take care of them.

Whatever time I get home, I have to take them out, I have to play with them, I have to talk to them, feed them. On the weekends I take them for a mile-and-a-half or two-mile walk. So they take a lot of time. But it’s definitely worth it!

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